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Dr. Renee utilizes a revolutionary approach to wellness. She incorporates strategies that combine the spiritual aspects of the human experience within the framework of modern psychology. All holistic coaching programs include one (1) weekly, 60-minute phone session for an eight (8) week period. Unlimited support is also available via email in between sessions.


Twelve (12) week sessions area also available. Additional maintenance support is also available upon the conclusion of any program package if needed and discounted at 50% off the regular session price for up to four (4) weeks after the conclusion of the program.

Learn to Live from the Heart and Less from the Head.

  • Do you feel stuck?

  • Do You Experience Anxiety and Negative Thoughts and feelings?

  • Do You know where you want to be but just can't make the necessary changes?

Heart-centered coaching will help you tap into the wisdom of the heart to lessen the reliance of the analytic (0verthinking ) aspect of the human experience. Through living from the heart, one is able to move away from the chaos and chatter of the brain and into a more peaceful and gentle approach to life, stay present in each moment, and learn to leave a healthy imprint on those they love and on the collective consciousness.  

Relationship Rehab

  • Do you feel emotionally detached from your partner?

  • Do you feel lonely even though you're in a relationship?

  • Have you lost your voice and feel your partner no longer hears you?

The Synergistic Effect is defined as an effect arising between two people which produce an effect greater than they could alone. Dynamic-synergistic coaching will aid you and your partner in developing heart-centered skills to make your relationship a priority.

Through this program we will work together to assess the following and establish an authentic connection with one another thus creating a renewed sense of hope and love in your relationship:


  • Emotional Attachment Levels (Co-dependency)

  • Self-Need Reflection

  • Communication strategies

  • Help Breaking Unhealthy Patterns that Hurt Each Other

Heart & Soul Parenting

Do you feel like you're unable to help your children with their personal, social or emotional struggles?

Our family is a direct reflection and extension of "The Self." There is nothing more frustrating than feeling powerless and unable to “help” those we care about. Many current parenting programs fall short because they emphasize behavior management and modification practices. Think for a moment how often have you enjoyed being “managed” or told what, when, and how to do something? Our children are no different.


The Heart & Soul Parenting Program is a 5-step process to improve your child’s emotional well-being and better their skills to self-regulate their choices, and become emotionally intelligent individuals. Through the development of effective emotional practices and skills, behaviors will ultimately be transformed for the positive by emotionally validating your children.

The UnBecoming

The UnBecoming is a unique and personal program which will aid you in developing skills to design your life with passion, purpose, and power. We will work together to break old patterns and heal old wounds which are preventing you from moving forward in your healing.. 

As in Dr. Renee's book, "The Unbecoming: A Journey Within", life is not about becoming anymore, it is about letting go of old core wounds, learning to unpack what no longer serves you, and embracing true self love for spiritual evolution. 

Additional areas of this program include:

  • Soul Recovery (Past Trauma Healing)

  • Living After Healing Maintenance Sessions

  • Inner Child Healing

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