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Ancestral Release & Timeline Therapy

Free yourself from trans-generational and inter-generational emotions.

  • 3 hours
  • 249.99 US dollars
  • Zoom Session

Service Description

Time Line Therapy® involves healing at the subconscious level and allows you to surrender negative emotions linked to past experiences and rewire neural and ancestral programming. Within the session, one is able to access their ancestral timeline through deep relaxation, accumulating visual emotional memories without having to relive the negative emotional trauma of the past. The goal is to aid one in distinguishing past from present and to find patterns that can be transmuted and/or deconstructed. The internal programming is often the mechanism that is responsible for our outward expressions of emotions. The session is recorded if requested and last 2-3 hours including intention setting, relaxation, session guidance, and reflection/integration.

Contact Details

+1+ 2163658247

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