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The Messages of the Soul: How to Take True SOUL Responsibility for Your Life.


It is said that the most important responsibility ever entrusted to a human being is the possession of his/her soul. However, we humans seem to be so careless with our most entrusted part of our being. Why is this? Why do we not practice greater protection over something so invaluable as our soul? Fortunately, our souls are already becoming more, without us even trying. Our souls just seem to know our path and continuously lead us into situations, experiences, and feelings despite our awareness. Yet, we often don't see, we often don't listen, and we often refuse to feel these subtle and sometimes not so subtle messages. I have recently found myself telling my clients, my students, and even myself that we have to take SOUL (not sole) responsibility for our lives. We have to begin to love and embrace the messages our soul is screaming at us. We can no longer refuse these messages as it is the only GPS we truly have in this life. I fear if we ignore these cries, these wake up calls, that they may actually stop coming.


As Jenny Florence (2014) indicates in her Huffington Post article, "If our eyes are the windows of our soul, then our emotions are the voice of our soul." Florence adds that our emotions connect us to the depths of our inner selves...our inner knowing. I couldn't agree more. As a researcher in the field of emotions for the last 17 years, one common factor in human behavior is that our actions are directly correlated with how we feel about ourselves. Our value, our worth, our joy, our pain are all connected to the reflection of "self". Our emotions (whether negative or positive) tell us where we are in life, whether we are headed in the right direction, and whether the connections we have created with others are truly authentic and part of our journey. The voice of the soul is undeniable. If you are experiencing symptoms of anxiety (worry, tension, fogginess, forgetfulness, insomnia), these are subtle cues from the soul letting you know that change is required, change is mandatory, change is absolute. That what you are doing is not in alignment with your true soul's purpose. We often run to our doctor to treat our symptoms yet do nothing about the source of the issue. Whether a toxic relationship, unfulfilling job, lacking self care, etc, the signs are all the same. Our emotional state is a direct reflection of how we feel about ourselves and the impact we let others have on our soul's health. It is said that judgement is the confession of one's character. When we are experiencing negative feelings about self, lacking direction and belief in our own worth, value or ability, it is far easier to look outside ourselves and notice all that is going on around us. To truly feel the essence of the soul can be quite uncomfortable and even painful at times. Yet we know that we must feel to heal. We must allow the emotions to manifest to truly hear the soul and begin to follow our true inner course. But how do you do this?


I often face great resistance from my clients when we begin the journey of aligning with true self, with true purpose. It is not something we grew up learning about or even hearing about and as a result, the process feels daunting, impossible at best. I want to assure you that the process of alignment is truly not difficult. It simply takes a commitment to self, to begin to listen to your inner voice, and to truly begin the practice of self love. This is the only way to true alignment. I would also like you to consider the following 3 Steps to Alignment with Your Soul's Purpose:

1. Do What Truly Brings You JOY

This may seem to easy or straightforward but I want you to ask yourself how often you do things that truly bring Joy and Bliss to your life? Joy is one of the most cathartic and positive emotions we all have. It is one of the six universal human emotions that Paul Ekman, psychologist and professor emeritus, demonstrated through decades of research that all humans experience in the same way. Ekman's research illustrated that these six emotions (Joy (Happiness), Surprise, Sadness, Anger, Disgust, and Fear) all manifest through similar facial expression across cultural groups worldwide. Please note, however, that four of the six emotions are negative. As a result, it is even more reason to truly understand that if Joy/Happiness is a universal emotion, then strong evidence exists that it is closer to the soul than we ever anticipated.When we feel Joy, it is a true sign from our soul that we are doing something right.

2. Acknowledge Your True Passion

When your soul vibrates with the emotion of Joy, it is a true sign we are moving in the right direction. When we do what we are passionate about, the feeling of elation overtakes us and we move intro great FLOW. It is often said that when in a state of FLOW, we lose track of time, fall deeply into the task, and disconnect from all that is around us. This is a magical place and one in which children move in and out of easily due to lacking fear-based thinking, bad habits, and other things we learn as adults that hold us back. We can learn to move back into FLOW by acknowledging what we truly want in our lives, the types of relationships we truly imagined for ourselves, and the vision we had for our lives when we were children. We often find ourselves living someone else's life or we fell into our lives unexpectedly. If you feel immense struggle, resistance, unhappiness, remember the voice of the soul and listen for these cues. Passion and profession are not synonymous and when you have the courage to acknowledge your true passion, opportunities, people, events, and circumstances will continue to show up in your life. We must live our lives on purpose and not on accident or as a byproduct of someone's influence or decisions.

3. Live in the Present Moment

We often find ourselves in transition. Sometimes by choice and others times by the decisions of others. Regardless of how transition comes about, it is a sign that we are in the space of the "no longer and the not quite yet". Think about this for a moment. That which is no longer is in the past and we cannot change it. That which is not quite yet is the future and the only way we can impact the future is through our present moments. As a result, the only space we can live in is the current, present moment. It is truly the only place we have control and impact. When we spend countless emotional hours worrying about what is to come or live in sadness over what has already happened, we lose ourselves in the present. We get thrown out of alignment with our true soul's purpose. Mindfulness practices are a great way to regain focus and stability within the present. Meditation is a great tool to center your soul and bring your energies back into alignment. Without full integration of your mind, body, heart, and soul, you will continue to feel out of sorts and off balance. Mindfulness practices have significant research demonstrating their effectiveness in reducing blood pressure, stress, and improving sleep. What do you have to lose?


Take SOUL responsibility for your life. Listen and feel your emotions as they are the true inner voice of your soul. Don't be afraid to feel as it will bring great healing and strength when you begin to move within your inner landscape and start the "self work". When you live in alignment with your soul's purpose the feeling of elation and joy will truly have you wanting more and you will notice when you are feeling anything that takes you off course. Steer your ship, Captain the only way you can! This life is yours!

If you are struggling to find your purpose, or are having difficulty healing past traumas or negative emotions, please reach out to me at and tell me your story. We can start this journey together as you no longer have to live in uncertainty or fear. This is your time and you deserve to feel amazing and have all that you ever desired.

From the Bottom of my Heart,

Dr. Renee

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