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Evolve or Repeat!

A Period of Reflection

WOW! I don't know about you, but 2019 is moving swiftly for me and my family. Spring is upon with much cleaning and clearing occurring on many levels within our household. We are fast approaching the end of April and it is time to reflect and look back upon our progress over the last several months. Are you honoring the promises you made to yourself as you entered the beginning of the year? You know...those pesky resolutions you set for yourself. No seriously, this goes way deeper than resolutions. This is about honoring your truth and getting back to YOU. If you are...FABULOUS!!!! What an accomplishment to honor oneself and live within your true dharma (life path). If you are not, it is also a blessing to have reached this moment and have the ability and strength to be honest with yourself about why you may not be in alignment with your soul's true purpose. The harder part lies in finding the steps, methods, and practices to get back into alignment.


Two Choices

In life, we are basically presented with two choices: find the lesson in all that we do and the choices we make in our lives, or face the karmic loop of repeat experiences until we get it right. You remember Bill Murray's never-ending time loop of Groundhog Day, finding himself repeating the same day over and over again due to his inability to learn from his behaviors and choices. As a result, he finds himself in a state of despair believing he may never see another day outside of this loop. Fortunately, for Bill Murray's character, Phil, he is able to find the lesson and make it to February 3rd. Are you like Phil? Do you find yourself standing at the edge of change, yet unable or unwilling to take that leap of faith to the other side? Have fear, pain, despair, and suffering made themselves comfortable on the doorstep of your emotional self? If so, it is time to Evolve or face the same experiences showing up day after day until you find the lesson.

Where in your life are you feeling called to Evolve? Listen to your soul's calling. These actions toward self-love and growth will ultimately lead to the beautiful essence of evolution. So what does it mean to evolve spiritually? Evolving spiritually can be an uncomfortable process at first. When we awaken we often have no prior experience, no prior knowing of how this process should ultimately come about. Instead, we find ourselves quite disconnected as those around us won't often evolve at same pace. However, this can also be a beautiful notion with spiritual evolution being experienced differently by everyone. There is no right or wrong way to approach spirituality. But know that the ultimate prize, if we truly want to call it that for this brief moment, of spiritual evolution would be the resolution of emotional suffering. So why would you choose suffering over resolving the seemingly endless experience of emotional suffering? Yet, many do. True transformation occurs as we resolve the issues that have plagued our lives. It is through this transformation that we move into the truth of who we are and find purpose in sharing our unique gifts with the world.


The Collective Consciousness

The more issues, problems, conflicts, limitations we resolve, the greater our spiritual evolution can be. It has even been said that every time one person resolves a problem, all of humanity evolves. So why not honor yourself and ultimately help the collective consciousness as a result. Are you ready to being your spiritual evolution? If so, I am launching an online, six-week spiritual journey, co-taught by myself and Gaurav Sehgal, Spiritual Teacher and Writer. The purpose of this course is to help you gain a sense of ultimate truth about who you are as it is written in your own Soul Blue Print. It is through this inner knowing you will gain clarity and move into alignment with your soul's divine purpose. Are you ready to transcend into a higher state of being? Click on the events link to get registered today.

Peace and Blessings,

Dr. Renee

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