The Community

Dr. Renee launched the Inner Revolution Podcast three seasons ago with the mission of providing innovative and emotionally authentic support for individuals, couples, and families in developing a higher sense of knowing. She had no way of knowing the impact the message would have on people's lives. The Inner Revolution Community is a unique, holistic wellness community emphasizing heart-centered living, stress reduction, and mind/body/spirit alignment. When one aspect of wellness is out of alignment, we are not well.


Whether you struggle with anxiety, depression, panic, PTSD, emotional trauma, or if you are searching to align yourself with your higher/divine being, it is through this “Inner Revolution” that emotional transformation and well-being can be achieved. Our programs support you in cultivating the skills, emotional availability and authentic voice needed to live your life with passion, purpose, and self-control.

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Dr. Renee offers several individual healing and coaching opportunities, however, The Inner Revolution provides a community-based, group platform providing monthly coaching, weekly motivation, and inspiration in how to live a life in which you can manage your emotional health and enjoy your day to day experiences. Dr. Renee combines the spiritual aspects of the human experience within the framework of modern psychology. Click on the Membership Program

page for more information and how to join.

"The question you need to ask yourself is not if you will heal, but how you will heal ."
~ Dr. Renee Mudrey