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Upcoming Events

  • "The Ultimate Unbecoming" - Digital Download - Breakthrough Course
    Sun, Jul 18
    Digital online course
    "The Ultimate Unbecoming" is a 7-day breakthrough course centered on the principles of mind, body, and spirit alignment to improve your overall physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being and break the chains of negative emotions, anxiety, and depression.
  • 7-Day Journey to Chakra Flow
    Mon, Jun 21
    Virtual - Zoom
    The purpose of this 7-Day virtual journey to Chakra Flow is to discover the energy of the Chakras and understand how they interact on a mental, spiritual, as well as a physical level and discern ways to re-align, balance and restore flow of energies within.
  • Sacred Wisdom: The Evolution of the Self to the Soul  (1)
    Mon, Mar 15
    Zoom and Mighty Networks
    The purpose of this 6-week course is to deepen the understanding of the complexities of self, centered on the ancient teachings of the sages. This course includes the reflection of all the components and elements of self for the evolution of the soul. Sessions will be held 1:1 with Guru G..

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